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Emflaza (Deflazacort)

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Brand Name : Emflaza (called Calcort in UK)

Marketing Authorization Holder : SANOFI

Prescription Required

No Generic Medicine available for this medicine.

Product Details

Emflaza is called Calcort in UK.  Emflaza in the United Kingdom comes only in the 6mg tablet.  You can take 3 tablets of 6mg in place of Emflaza 18mg and 5 tablets in place of Emflaza 30mg and 6 tablets in place of Emflaza 36mg.

Prescription Emflaza (called Calcort in the UK) is used to treat Duchenne muscular dystrophy.  Emflaza is approved to slow the progression of this disease in patients 2 years of age and older.
Emflaza is the first and only FDA-approved corticosteroid shown to slow the progression of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

Emflaza is taken with or without food and can be taken whole or if desired crushed and mixed with applesauce.  Multiple tablets may be needed as doses can be quite high. Your physician will prescribe a different Emflaza dose and dosing schedule depending many factors including the weight of the patient, which be constantly changing in a growing child. Do not change the dose of Emflaza or change how much you take unless the doctor directs you as a gradual dose reduction is required to avoid steroid withdrawal syndrome.

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