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Frequently Asked Question

Yes, we require a prescription for products that require a prescription in the USA. Regardless of where your order is being fulfilled, we require a valid prescription from a physician licensed to practice in your area of residence. The prescription must have the Doctor’s name and information. It must also have the drug name, strength, quantity, and directions for use. It always requires your doctor to provide a legible signature on the prescription.

We do not have available all the medicines that are in the United States. We have a large selection but certainly not everything. We do not sell controlled medicines or narcotic medicines.

Patient safety is our primary concern, therefore we primarily source medication from the UK (and in some instances, Parallel Imports from European Economic Areas) which have strong regulatory bodies and stringent standards. This helps us to ensure that our products that we supply to you, the customer, is of the highest standard. In the event that a medication cannot be sources from the UK, an alternative option in India will be given to the customer.

The United Kingdom government negotiates drug prices directly with the manufacturers leading to lower prices for customers.

Generic medicines in the United Kingdom and India are considered equivalent to the corresponding brand medicines. We sell only brand and generic medicines that are thruly interchangeable.

Right now, we accept VISA and MASTERCARD. We will confirm the order with you over the phone. If you like, you can call us toll free to confirm the payment.

We are able to send you a 1 year supply per shipment. Also, we can only send you the amount that is written on your prescription. We can contact your doctor for slight changes in medicine quantities.

We have no other charges. The bank may charge you something for an international transaction but that is independent of InsulinHub.

We are specialists in shipping cold chain medicine like insulin. We also sell "difficult to get" medicines used to treat various rare diseases. We also sell all regular medicines that are for sale in the United Kingdom.

The website is always open and we will do our best to answer emails during working hours. You may call us anytime, if we do not have an agent to answer, please leave us a message and we will call you back.

Orders under $49 will be charged $10 for shipping. Larger orders are shipped free.

For insulin and similar medicines, we send via courier and the shipment arrives in less than 4 days after order payment/confirmation. For regular temperature medicines, the average shipping time is 10 to 14 days. All orders can be tracked online. Please order ahead of time in case of unexpected delays due to holidays, bad weather or other circumstances beyond our control.

We require that you are stabilized on a medicine before you order from us.

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