Duopa intestinal gel (Carbidopa / Levodopa)

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Brand Name : Duopa intestinal gel

Marketing Authorization Holder : AbbVie

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Duopa intestinal gel

Duopa intestinal gel is called Duodopa in Europe.

Duopa intestinal gel, called Duodopa in the UK, is used to treat advanced Parkinson's disease which is responsive to levodopa therapy as a secondary therapy when other medicines do not give satisfactory results.  

Duopa gel is administered continuously. Long-term administration requires that Duopa should be administered with a portable pump into the duodenum or upper jejunum permanently via tube. Administration is as per your doctors requirement.

Duopa should be as a monotherapy (alone) when used initially. Additional medicine may be added as per your physician.

Each medicine cassette is for single use only for not more than 16 hours. Opened cassettes are not to be used again.

This product requires special packaging to maintain its integrity during the shipping process. DO NOT USE THIS MEDICATION if the attached temperature indicator shows that the medication was exposed to temperatures below 2 degrees or above 8 degrees Celsius, and contact the pharmacy immediately.

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