Mirvaso gel (Brimonidine tartrate)

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Brand Name : Mirvaso gel

Marketing Authorization Holder : Galderma

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Mirvaso gel

Mirvaso gel is applied to facial skin for the treatment of rosacea or redness of the face in adults.  Mirvaso gel reduces blood flow to the face by narrowing blood vessels resulting in less facial redness,

Mirvaso gel is applied to the face once daily,  When initiating therapy, only a small amount of gel is to be used.  If improvement occurs, often the amount of Mirvaso gel used will be increased.  Mirvaso gel must be spread evenly as a very thin layer only as directed by your physician.  Do not overuse Mirvaso gel.  Avoid the eyes, eyelids, lips, mouth, and the inside of the nose when applying Mirvaso gel.  Once Mirvaso has dried, you may apply cosmetics or other skin medicines.  Wash hands immediately after use.

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