Phyllocontin Continus (Aminophylline ER)

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Brand Name : Phyllocontin Continus

Marketing Authorization Holder : Napp Pharmaceuticals

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No Generic Medicine available for this medicine.

Product Details

Phyllocontin Continus is used for the treatment and prevention of bronchospasm of asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and chronic bronchitis. Phyllocontin is also used in adults for the treatment of heart failure.  Phyllocontin is a bronchodilator which will help stop wheezing and breathlessness.  It also relieves tightness in the chest and reduces swelling in the lungs of patients with asthma.

Although Phyllocontin Continus may be given to children aged 6 years and above, it is not the first drug of choice for asthma in children.

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