Dysport (Botulinum toxin type A)

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Brand Name : Dysport

Marketing Authorization Holder : Ipsen

Prescription Required

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No Generic Medicine available for this medicine.

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Dysport is used in adults to treat muscle spasms around the eyes, face, neck, arm and shoulders, and in the legs.  Dysport is also used for the treatment of excess sweating of the armpits, which interferes with daily living.  In children (two years and above), Dysport is used for the treatment of muscle spasms associated with cerebral palsy to improve their walking.

Dysport reduces muscle spasms (abnormal contractions) by stopping muscles from contracting. Dysport prevents the release of a chemical which acts between the nerves and muscles that makes these muscles contract. 

This product requires special packaging to maintain its integrity during the shipping process. DO NOT USE THIS MEDICATION if the attached temperature indicator shows that the medication was exposed to temperatures below 2 degrees or above 8 degrees celsius, and contact the pharmacy immediately.

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