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Generic Name : Quinine

Manufactured By : Authorized UK Generic

Prescription Required


Product Details

Quinine sulfate is used to treat malaria but also commonly used to treat and prevent night cramps in adults and the elderly when sleep is regularly disrupted, a condition referred to as nocturnal leg cramps.

Adults (including elderly) dosing for leg cramps is typically suggested at Quinine 200mg at bedtime. The maximum dose is Quinine 300mg. Young children and those under ten years are not recommended to use this medication.

A reduction in frequency of leg cramps often takes up to four weeks to become apparent to the patient. Patients are to be monitored closely throughout the first stages of treatment of Quinine for side effects. Once an initial trial of four weeks is completed, treatment should be stopped if there is no therapeutic benefit. Treatment should be interrupted at approximately three month intervals to reevaluate the use of the treatment of Quinine for leg cramps.

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