Bydureon (Exenatide)

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Brand Name : Bydureon

Marketing Authorization Holder : Takeda

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Prescription Bydureon injection is a medicine used by adults with type 2 diabetes to lower or their blood sugar levels.  Bydureon is prescribed alongside of good diet and exercise who have not reached their blood sugar goal with pills alone.

Bydureon is a long acting non insulin medicine.  It is not a substitute for insulin and is not used in patients with type 1 diabetes.  Bydureon is like a long acting version of Byetta, so never take both Byetta and Bydureon.

Bydureon takes 6 to 7 weeks to reach the correct levels in your body, so response to Bydureon medicine will take some time.

Bydureon is a convenient injection in that it is used only once per week.  The difficulty may come initially to remember when to use Bydureon.  Keep it on your calendar and build a routine around taking the injection.  Use it on the same day, at the same time of day without regards to food or meals.  If you miss your Bydureon dose, take immediately when you remember unless your next dose is 1 or 2 days away,  In that case, you would just wait for your next dose.  Never use Bydureon twice in 3 days.

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This product requires special packaging to maintain its integrity during the shipping process. DO NOT USE THIS MEDICATION if the attached temperature indicator shows that the medication was exposed to temperatures below 2 degrees or above 8 degrees celsius, and contact the pharmacy immediately.

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