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Kombiglyze XR (Saxagliptin / Metformin)

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Brand Name : Kombiglyze XR (called Komboglyze in UK)

Marketing Authorization Holder : AstraZeneca

Prescription Required

No Generic Medicine available for this medicine.

Product Details

Kombiglyze brand medicine goes by the trade name the United Kingdom.  In the UK, Kombiglyze is available only in one strength 2.5mg/1000mg.  Customer wishing to have discount Kombiglyze costs on other strengths, will be given the option to purchase Onglzya 5mg (Saxagliptin) in combination with Metformin ER 500mg or 1000mg.  The affect is exactly the same, except that you will take 2 pills instead of 1 pill.

Prescription Kombiglyze XR is used by type 2 diabetics where control is being attained by diet and exercise alone.  Kombiglyze XR reduces blood sugar and improves your A1C levels along with good diet and exercise.

Kombiglyze XR has very good results lowering your A1C.  In fact, in studies, after 24 weeks, A1C levels reached the goal level of under 7% in 60% of those taking Kombiglyze XR.  Of course, these are responses will differ patient by patient and your own result may vary.

Kombiglyze XR works in many ways to help lower and control your blood sugar. Kombiglyze XR reduces how much sugar is absorbed by your gut. Kombiglyze XR causes your liver to make less sugar.  Kombiglyze XR improves your body's own response to insulin. Kombiglyze XR helps you produce natural insulin when you eat.

Your physician will monitor your A1C levels, but you should monitor your blood sugar regularly.  Keep track of your diet, exercise levels and blood sugar tests so you can share with your doctor.  Your blood sugar can also be affected if you have trauma, infection, fever or surgery, so inform your doctor of any blood sugar changes regularly.

Take Kombiglyze XR once per day exactly as prescribed.  Generally, Kombiglyze XR is taken with the evening meal to reduce possible side effects of upset stomach.  Do not chew or crush the tablet, but rather swallow Kombiglyze XR whole.

Do not start Kombiglyze XR if you have problems with your kidneys.  Your physician may do blood tests to see how well your kidneys are functioning before and during Kombiglyze XR treatment.

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