Adlyxin (Lixisenatide)

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Brand Name : Adlyxin

Marketing Authorization Holder : SANOFI

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Adlyxin brand medicine goes by the trade name Lyxumia in Europe.

Prescription Adlyxin injections (or Lyxumia in the UK) are used by adults with type 2 diabetes along with exercise and diet to lower blood sugar.  Adlyxin is not insulin and not for the treatment of type 1 diabetes.

Adlyxin pens are disposable and pre-filled.  Adlyxin dose begins at 10mcg once daily injected under the skin and may be increased to 20mcg after 15 days.

Adlyxin is injected 1 hour before your first daily meal at the same time daily.  Take Adlyxin exactly as prescribed and read the brochure to follow instructions accurately.  Your doctor may change your dose, but do not change the Adlyxin dose on your own.  Allow your healthcare provider to teach you how to use Adlyxin pens.  If a dose is missed, then use Adlyxin within one hour of the next meal.

Each Adlyxin pen must be activated before its first use. Do not share your pen with others .

Injections of Adlyxin are under the skin of your thigh, abdomen or upper arm, never in a vein or muscle.  Rotate or use different injection sites for each dose.

It is important to monitor your blood sugar levels and share this with your physician.  Your doctor may adjust your Adlyxin dose according to your blood sugar levels.  Changes in dose may also occur when there is stress, illness, changes in diet habits or exercise levels or when you have significant weight loss or if you are changing other medicines that you take.

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Information About Adlyxin

Adlyxin is a medication primarily used to treat type 2 diabetes. This medicine adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control.

Adlyxin is prescribed to help control blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes. It belongs to a class of drugs called GLP-1 receptor agonists, which work by stimulating insulin release in response to meals and by reducing the amount of glucose produced by the liver.

Product Highlights

  • It looks like a Pen.
  • ADLYXIN has not been studied in patients with chronic pancreatitis or a history of unexplained pancreatitis. Consider other antidiabetic therapies in patients with a history of pancreatitis.
  • ADLYXIN has not been studied in patients with chronic pancreatitis or a history of unexplained pancreatitis. Consider other antidiabetic therapies in patients with a history of pancreatitis.
  • It belongs to the class of glucagon-like peptide-1 receptor agonists (GLP-1 RAs), which stimulate insulin secretion in response to glucose, suppress glucagon secretion (which reduces glucose production by the liver), and slow gastric emptying.

Key Ingredients

  • Lixisenatide
  • Glycerol 85%
  • Sodium acetate trihydrate
  • Methionine
  • Metacresol
  • Hydrochloric acid
  • Sodium hydroxide solution
  • Water for injection

Key Benefits

  • ADLYXIN helps to improve glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
  • GLP-1 RAs like ADLYXIN have been associated with weight loss or weight neutrality in patients with type 2 diabetes.
  • GLP-1 RAs have also shown potential renal protective effects, such as reducing the risk of diabetic kidney disease progression in patients with type 2 diabetes.

Direction For Use

  • ADLYXIN is administered subcutaneously once daily for 14 days at a beginning dose of 10 mcg.
  • Beginning on Day 15, increase the dosage to the maintenance level of 20 mcg once daily.

Safety Concern

  • Replace the pen cap before disposing of your ADLYXIN pen.
  • ADLYXIN has not been studied in patients with gastroparesis and is not recommended in patients with gastroparesis.
  • Do not re-use or share your needles with other people.


  • Use caution when handling your ADLYXIN pen, and wipe off the outside with a moist cloth to clean it.
  • Avoid soaking, cleaning, or lubricating your ADLYXIN pen with liquid. It might get damaged by this.
  • Do not use your ADLYXIN pen if you suspect harm to it. Never attempt to fix the pen.

Avoid Taking if ADKYXIN:

  • If you are allergic to lixisenatide or any of the other ingredients in ADLYXIN.
  • Have or have had pancreatitis, stones in your gallbladder, or a history of alcoholism.
  • Expire or damaged.
This product requires special packaging to maintain its integrity during the shipping process. DO NOT USE THIS MEDICATION if the attached temperature indicator shows that the medication was exposed to temperatures below 2 degrees or above 8 degrees Celsius, and contact the pharmacy immediately.

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