Ozempic (Semaglutide)

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Brand Name : Ozempic

Marketing Authorization Holder : Novo Nordisk

Prescription Required

No Generic Medicine available for this medicine.

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We are shipping Ozempic by REGULAR POST.  Our maximum order is 2 units at one time.  Shipping times from the UK are usually 7 to 10 days.  By purchasing Ozempic from us, you understand that you must use the product within 56 days of ordering as it will not maintain refrigerated temperatures during transit.  Follow the manufacturers instructions for use and storage.

Prescription Ozempic injection is used by adults along with a good diet and exercise with type 2 diabetes.  

Ozempic is not insulin but works to support your body in its ability to lower A1C and blood sugar levels.  Ozempic supports that natural process and is designed to work when your blood sugar is elevated.  It slows down the food from leaving your stomach, helps your liver to reduce less sugar, and increases your natural insulin release when your blood sugar is high.

Ozempic is not an insulin substitute and is the first choice of therapy for diabetes.  Ozempic is not used to treat type 1 diabetes and is not meant for everyone.

The Ozempic dose is once weekly on the same day and time each week.  You may use Ozempic with or without food.  The particular day that you take Ozempic can be changed as long as you are not injecting twice within a 2 day period.  If you miss an Ozempic dose, you can take within 5 days of that missed dose. Talk to your doctor about when and how to use Ozempic.

Ozempic is injected under the skin or thigh, abdomen or upper arm.  Never inject Ozempic into a vein or muscle.  Rotate your site of injection with each use, always try to use a different site, even if in the same area.

Unused Ozempic pens are kept in a refrigerator until used.  Once Ozempic pens are being used, they can be stored at room temperature if that is easier for you.  After 56 days of starting your Ozempic pen, dispose of it, even if medicine remeains in it.  Never freeze Ozempic and keep it away from heat and light exposure.  Use the cap on the Ozempic pen when not in use.  Tke Ozempic with you when you travel.

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