Pentasa (Mesalamine or Mesalazine)

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Brand Name : Pentasa

Marketing Authorization Holder : Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Prescription Required


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Generic Name : Mesalamine or Mesalazine

Manufactured By : Authorized UK Generic

Prescription Required


Product Details

In the United Kingdom, Pentasa comes as a tablet rather than a capsule. The active ingredient is called mesalamine in the United States but is called Mesalazine in other countries including the UK. The license holder for Pentasa is Ferring Pharmaceuticals in the United Kingdom.

A generic version of Pentasa is also available in the United Kingdom, but only at 250mg strength. If you require a lower dose, or smaller increments in your dosing, the generic Pentasa may be right for you. The US version of Pentasa can be opened and sprinkled but the UK version cannot.

Prescription Pentasa is used to treat mild to moderate ulcerative colitis and Chrohn's disease in adults and prevent their recurrence. Pentasa reduces rectal bleeding, diarrhea and stomach pain by lessening colon swelling. It is classified as an aminosalicylate.

The usual dose of Pentasa is 1000mg four times per day, a total of 4 grams daily.  Pentasa may be taken without regards to food (with or without food).  Pentasa has been a popular treatment for more than 20 years.

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