Saphris (Asenapine)

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Brand Name : Saphris

Marketing Authorization Holder : Lundbeck

Prescription Required


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Generic Name : Asenapine

Manufactured By : Authorized Indian Generic

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Saphris goes by the trade name Sycrest internationally, marketed by Lundbeck.

Prescription Saphris, contains the active ingredient asenapine which is classified as an atypical antipsychotic medicine.  Saphris works in the brain to change some of the chemical action. Saphris is a sublingual tablet, which means that it is taken under the tongue and not swallowed. Saphris can be used in adults to treat schizophrenia but is most commonly used by children 10 to 17 years old in the treatment plan of bipoloar I disorder. Saphris in not used to treat dementia related psychosis in the United States.

Read the instructions for Saphris carefully and follow those instructions without failure. 

Some highlights of Saphris directions include being sure your hands are dry before handling, do not remove from packaging until ready to use Saphris. Do not split, crush or cut Saphris as it is taken whole under the tongue. Do not swallow Saphris and be sure not to eat or drink for 10 minutes while Saphris is dissolving in your mouth.

Your Saphris dose is usually started at 5mg twice per day and may be increased to 10mg twice per day after the first week of treatment.

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