Xadago (Safinamide Mesylate)

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Brand Name : Xadago

Marketing Authorization Holder : Zambon SPA

Prescription Required


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Generic Name : Safinamide Mesylate

Manufactured By : Authorized Indian Generic

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Xadago in Europe is manufactured at the following two sites:
Catalent Germany Schorndorf GmbH 
Steinbeisstrasse 2 
D- 73614 Schorndorf 

Zambon S.p.A. 
Via della Chimica, 9 
36100 Vicenza 

Prescription Xadago is taken to treat adults with PD (Parkinson's disease) with "off episodes" along with levodopa/carbidopa therapy. When Xadago is taken with levodopa/carbidopa, it helps control PD motor symptoms to improve speach and facial expression, lessen shaking, stiffness and slow movement, and improve balance.

Xadago works in the body to help block MAO-B from breaking down dopamine. Dopamine in your brain is important as too little dopamine can cause PD symptoms. Patients taking Xadago often see improvement in the ability to move and live normally withint 2 to 4 weeks.

Xadago is a once daily oral therapy (tablet) taken at the same time each day with or without food.  Most people taking Xadago can start and stay on the initial dose of 50mg daily as an add on to levodopa/carbidopa. Some patients may need a higher dose of 100mg daily.  Your physician will direct your Xadago dose.

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