Zelapar (Selegiline)

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Brand Name : Zelapar

Marketing Authorization Holder : Teva

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Prescription Zelapar is used along with levodopa/carbidopa in adults with Parkinson's disease, to improve symptoms if not controlled with standard therapy alone.

On average, the addition of Zelapar will give more than 2 more hours of active time daily, reduced off-time after the first week, and more time without dyskinesia.

Zelapar is a ODT drug, meaning that it is delivered by simply disintegrating in your mouth. This allows Zelapar to be absorbed more rapidly (10 to 15 minutes) than most therapies. Zelapar is absorbed directly from the mouth into circulation, bypassing the gut and what is called first pass metabolism by the liver.

Zelapar is dosed conveniently once per day at an initial dose of Zelapar 1.25mg for 6 weeks.  After 6 weeks, Zelapar dose may be increased to 2 tablets once daily if well tolerated and if desired benefit is not reached with one tablet. Zelapar is usually taken first thing in the morning on its own, before breakfast without any water or drink. Simply allow Zelapar to dissolve directly on your tongue and it will disintegrate fast. Avoid food and drink for 5 minutes before and after taking Zelapar.

Your physician will dose Zelapar depending on what is the best personal dose for you.

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