Rebif (Interferon beta 1a)

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Brand Name : Rebif

Marketing Authorization Holder : Merck Sharp & Dohme

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In the United Kingdom, Rebif is most often given as the RebiDose ready to use injector pen. We suggest this version as it has very positive consumer response,

Prescription Rebif contains interferon beta-1a used in the treatment of relapsing multiple sclerosis where the patient has periods of attacks between periods without symptoms. Rebif is also used by patients who have had only one single attack of demyelination with inflammation and when a patient seems at high risk of developing multiple sclerosis. Rebif is not used in patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis that is not relapsing.

Rebif works the same way as natural interferon beta, which acts to reduce inflammation and immune response that attacks the body's mylin.

Rebif is started by a specialist in multiple sclerosis usually with a titrated dose increased until the standard of Rebif is reached. This is done to reduce side effects of Rebif. The standard Rebif dose is 44 mcg delivered by injection under the skin however the lower dose of 22 mcg is given to those who cannot tolerate the higher dose. Patients must be assessed at least every 2 years for progress.

The Refib RebiDose is an electronic injection device used to deliver the exact doses of Rebif required by your doctor. Rebif is meant to be self-injected under the skin after proper training has been given. Refib RebiDose is a single use injector which comes with full instructions which should be studied and followed carefully. There is no assembly required with the RebiDose and it is completely portable.

Refib is shipped and stored in refrigerated conditions (never frozen) and kept from light.

When traveling, patients may remove Refib from the refrigerator for a single period of not more than 14 days, after which it must be returned to the refrigerator.

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This product requires special packaging to maintain its integrity during the shipping process. DO NOT USE THIS MEDICATION if the attached temperature indicator shows that the medication was exposed to temperatures below 2 degrees or above 8 degrees celsius, and contact the pharmacy immediately.

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