Entresto (Sacubitril / Valsartan)

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Brand Name : Entresto

Marketing Authorization Holder : Novartis

Prescription Required


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Generic Name : Sacubitril / Valsartan

Manufactured By : Authorized Indian Generic

Prescription Required


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Prescription Entresto contains both sacubitril and valsartan a combination used to reduce the risk of cardiovascular death and hospitalization in patients with chronic (long lasting) heart failure and reduced ejection fraction. 

Entresto is a first of its kind medicine as it works to improve the heart's own ability to pump the blood through the body. The valsartan component of the medicine is a long-used therapy for heart failure while the sacubitril component blocks the breakdown of important peptides like angiotensin II.

Entresto is commonly taken with other medicines for heart failure in place of ACE inhibitors or ARB medicines. Patients will be required to stop taking these 2 classes of medicine prior to beginning Entresto.

People taking Entresto are advised to follow a whole treatment plan to give the best possible results.

Entresto is taken twice per day with or without food. Take Entresto at the same times each day and do not miss doses, even if you are feeling well. The starting dose of Entresto is usually either 24/26 mg or 49/51 mg in the morning and evening (easiest to remember). You may be required to increase your dose over time as the best dose is usually 97/103 mg twice daily.

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