Aptivus (Tipranavir)

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Brand Name : Aptivus

Marketing Authorization Holder : Boehringer Ingelheim

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Prescription Aptivus is used as a combination therapy with ritonavir 200mg (and other HIV medicines) to treat patients infected with HIV-1, a virus that causes AIDS. Aptivus is given to patients 2 years old and older who have experience with anti-HIV medicines or are infected with resistant strains of HIV-1. 

Aptivus is used when the patient does not have another treatment option. These patients have already tried other antiviral medicines in the same class.

Aptivus works by blocking an enzyme, protease which is needed for HIV virus reproduction. By blocking this enzyme, the virus cannot reproduce normally so the infection cannot spread as easily. By adding Ritonavir (another protease inhibitor) the effect of Aptivus is boosted because Aptivus will not break down as easily and blood levels will increase. By taking these 2 medicines together, you are able to take a lower dose of Aptivus, reducing side effects of the medicine.

The recommended dose of Aptivus for patients 12 years and older is 500mg twice daily (4 capsules daily).  Children under 12 years take the oral solution (also available with us). Take Aptivus with ritonavir with food only. Follow your doctors directions and the read the package insert.

Aptivus is not a cure for HIV or AIDS but will delay the disease progression and the damage done to the immune system and subsequent infections and conditions associated with AIDS.

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