Delstrigo (Doravirine / Lamivudine / Tenofovir)

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Brand Name : Delstrigo

Marketing Authorization Holder : Merck Sharp & Dohme

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Delstrigo is a combination medicine containing doravirine, lamivudine and tenofovir. The strength of Delstrigo in the United Kingdom is identical the United States, however the packaging illustrates the strength of tenofovir in a different way. Tenofovir is listed as 300mg in US Delstrigo but as 245mg in UK packaging. The reason for this discrepancy is that the US strength is a measure of the full salt Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate, while the UK version measures Tenofovir Disoproxil without the Fumarate salt. Both US and foreign versions of Delstrigo have the identical strength of each 3 medicines.

Prescription Delstrigo is a complete HIV-1 treatment in one pill for patients who have not taken HIV medicines in the past. All 3 active ingredients block an enzyme called reverse transcriptase which is responsible for the reproduction and proliferation of the HIV virus.  By blocking this enzyme, Delstrigo can prevent the spread of HIV infection in the body, keeping the levels low in the blood. Delstrigo is not a cure for HIV or AIDS but can hold off immune system damage and the development of associated infections and diseases.

In studies, 84% of patients taking Delstrigo who were first time HIV medicine users, reached undetectable viral load after 48 weeks of treatment.

Delstrigo is a once daily medicine, taken the same time each day with or without food. Delstrigo is most often taken on its own, without other HIV medicines. Delstrigo can be taken with many other treatments for other conditions.Talk to your doctor about all of the medicines that you are taking. If you are taking rifabutin along with Delstrigo, you may need to take more doravine (Pifeltro) alongside of your current medicines.

Take Delstrigo exactly how your physician prescribes and do not miss doses. Continue to see your doctor while you take Delstrigo and continue to have your blood tested as required.

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