Edurant (Rilpivirine)

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Brand Name : Edurant

Marketing Authorization Holder : Janssen-Cilag

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According to the European Medicines Agency, brand name Edurant originating from Europe is manufactured at the following site(s):
Janssen-Cilag SpA
Via C. Janssen
Borgo San Michele
04100 Latina


Prescription Edurant contains rilpivirine, an antiretroviral medicine used to treat HIV-1 in people 12 years old and older. Edurant blocks activity of an enzyme called reverse transcriptase produced by HIV-1, thereby reducing the amount of HIV in the blood keeping at a lower level. 

Edurant is often prescribed to people as a first therapy or when the viral load is below levels of 100,000.

Edurant is taken once daily with food. Edurant is often taken in combination with other antiviral medicines. Dose is often increased when taking alongside of rifabutin.

Edurant is taken to reduce the amount of HIV in the blood system, increase your CD4+ cells count, and reduce your viral load. Although,Edurant is not a cure for HIV or aids it may delay the infection from damaging the immune system and the development of related diseases and infections.

When taking HIV therapy, it is extremely important to take the medicine as prescribed to control the infection and decrease other illness.

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