Intelence (Etravirine)

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Brand Name : Intelence

Marketing Authorization Holder : Janssen-Cilag

Prescription Required

No Generic Medicine available for this medicine.

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Prescription Intelence contains etravirine, a medicine used to treat HIV-1 in adults and children 6 years old and older. Intelence is classified as a non nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI) which blocks the activity of a key enzyme produced by the HIV virus. 

Intelence is always used by patients who have had previous treatments and must be used along with a boosted protease inhibitor. Intelence reduces the amount of HIV in the blood and keeps the level low in order to delay damage to the immune system and prevent associated infections and diseases.

Take Intelence exactly as prescribed by your physician. The usual adult Intelence dose is 200mg twice daily following a meal. Children are given a dose based on their weight and age.

Intelence must not be taken on an empty stomach as it will not be completely absorbed into your system. Swallow the tablet whole with water and do not chew Intelence. If you cannot swallow the tablet, you may place the tablet in a teaspoon of water and dissolve by stirring, then add more water or juice and drink immediately (drink all the contents of the cup by adding more water to the cup and drink that subsequently). Do not dissolve Intelence in warm water or drink with carbonated beverages.

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