Invirase (Saquinavir)

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Brand Name : Invirase

Marketing Authorization Holder : Roche

Prescription Required

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Prescription Invirase contains saquinavir, an antiviral agent used in the treatment of HIV. Invirase is a protease inhibitors which interferes with the virus ability to make new viruses.

Invirase is used by adults in combination with Norvir (ritonavir) and other antiviral medicines because ritonavir inhibits the metabolism of Invirase, leading to higher saquinavir levels in the blood.

Invirase is taken at the same time as ritonavir usually 2 hours after eating a meal. Invirase is swallowed whole with water and not split, crushed or ground up.

The standard dose of Invirase is 2 x 500mg (1000mg) twice daily along with 100mg ritonavir twice per day. For patients who have never been treated for HIV, the initial 7 days is given as a lower dose of Invirase 500mg twice daily with ritonavir 100mg twice daily.

Continue to take Invirase even as you feel fine, do not miss a dose or stop treatment. Try to take Invirase with ritonavir at the same times each day. 

Invirase is not a cure for HIV but will slow the progression of the disease and reduce the chance of infections and diseases associated with AIDS.

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