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Myrbetriq (Mirabegron)

Brand Options

Brand Name : Myrbetriq (called Betmiga in UK)

Marketing Authorization Holder : Astellas

Prescription Required


Generic Option

Generic Name : Mirabegron

Manufactured By : Authorized Indian Generic

Prescription Required


Product Details

Myrbetriq goes by the trade name Betmiga in the United Kingdom. Both medicines are manufactured by Astellas in the same factory with the same markings on the tablets.

Prescription Myrbetriq contains mirabegron, a muscle relaxant for the bladder. Myrbetriq reduces overall bladder activity and treats symptoms related to this condition. Symptoms of overactive bladder include the sudden need to empty your bladder, having to empty your bladder too often and not being able to control the timing of emptying your bladder.

Myrbetriq is usually taken 50mg once per day with or without food. A lesser dose of 25mg is often used if you have liver or kidney issues. Swallow Myrbetriq whole with water or other liquid. Take at the same time each day and try not to miss any doses even as your symptoms are lessened.

Myrbetriq is commonly taken with Vesicare 5mg (solifenacin) at a starting dose of 25mg daily, but increasing to to 50mg depending on how well the medicine is working and how it is tolerated.

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