Nocdurna (Desmopressin)

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Brand Name : Nocdurna

Marketing Authorization Holder : Ferring Pharmaceuticals

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In Europe, Nocdurna is sold under the trade name Noqdirna. In the USA, the doses listed are 27.2mcg and 55.3mcg desmopressin acetate. In the United kingdom, the doses are listed as 25mcg and 50mcg of desomopressin, The difference in apparent strength is because the USA measures the weight of the full salt, whereas the United Kingdom measures on the active desmopressin component without the salt. Both versions are made by Ferring Pharmaceuticals and are identical in actual strength of active ingredient.

Prescription Nocdurna is an antidiuretic which serves to reduce urine production. Nocdurna is prescribed to adults for the treatment of nocturia (frequent urination at night) due to overproduction of urine. Nocdurna works by imitating the hormone vasopressin which exists naturally in your body. This hormone causes your kidneys to produce less urine while you sleep.

Nocdurna is taken without food or water as a sublingual tablet under your tongue. When taking Nocdurna, first peel the foil at the indicated point in the packaging without pushing the tablet through the foil (as you may break the tablet). Do not take broken tablets, use only full unbroken tablets of Nocdurna. Do not chew or swallow Nocdurna, simply place under your tongue.

Limit the amount of fluid you drink at least 1 hour before taking Nocdurna until 8 hours after your dose. Taken properly before bedtime, Nocdurna dissolves in seconds and begins to work within 30 minutes. Nocdurna has been shown to reduce urination at night by almost half.

The standard Nocdurna dose is 27.2mcg daily one hour before bedtime for women and 55.3mcg daily one hour before bedtime for men.

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