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Brand Name : Crinone Gel

Marketing Authorization Holder : Merck Serono

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Crinone Gel

Prescription Crinone gel contains progesterone for vaginal application. Crinone gel is used in the treatment of infertility by women who do not make enough progesterone naturally. Crinone gel helps prepare the lining of the womb to accept a fertilized egg. Crinone is used to maintain a pregnancy. 

Crinone gel is inserted in the vagina, releasing its medicine slowly into the bloodstream throughout the day. Crinone is used before and often during your pregnancy as a supportive medicine. 

Each application is in a separate unit dose containing 90mg of progesterone in vaginal gel.

Crinone gel is vaginally inserted while in a sitting or lying position with bent knees. The thin end of the applicator is inserted well inside, the thick end is squeezed to push the vaginal gel deep inside.

Use Crinone gel daily beginning on the 18th to 21st day of the menstrual cycle. If used for in-vitro fertilization, Crinone is used from the day of the embryo transfer usually each morning. The number of days Crinone is used will be based on your physicians instructions.

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