Toctino (Alitretinoin)

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Brand Name : Toctino

Marketing Authorization Holder : GlaxoSmithKline

Prescription Required

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Prescription Toctino contains the active ingredient alitretinoin. Toctino is available in Canada and Europe for the treatment of adults with severe chronic hand eczema which has not responded to other treatments. Alitretinoin is classified as a retinoid,a chemical related to vitamin A.

Toctino must be prescribed by a dermatologist who is treating a patient who has started treatment with Toctino by a physician in a country where Toctino is approved OR when the US physician has explored all other options and has deemed Toctino as medically necessary for import.

Women prescribed Toctino must first be tested for pregnancy. If there is a chance of becoming pregnant, do not take Toctino because Toctino can cause serious damage to an unborn child. Female patients taking Toctino are prescribed birth control before starting Toctino and must continue for 1 month after taking Toctino.

Patients taking Toctino soft gel capsules will take one capsules daily with the main meal of the day. The Toctino capsules are swallowed at dose of either 10mg or 30mg daily. The 10mg Toctino dose is usually recommended if 30mg cannot be tolerated. The duration of Toctino treatment is usually 12 to 24 weeks depending on the condition and how well you respond to the medicine. If Toctino is successful, your physician may again prescribe another course if symptoms return some time later.

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