Enstilar foam (Calcipotriene / Betamethasone)

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Brand Name : Enstilar foam

Marketing Authorization Holder : Leo Laboratories

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Enstilar foam

Prescription Enstilar foam contains calcipotriene and betamethasone. Enstilar is applied to the skin for the treatment of psoriasis vulgaris in adult patients. Psoriasis is a condition caused by overproduction of skin cells with a result of redness, scaling and thickening skin. Enstilar slows down the cell growth rate to normal levels and reduces inflammation.

Enstilar is prescribed to adults and the instructions for must be followed carefully. The standard dose of Enstilar foam is one application daily, usually in the evening for convenience. The duration of treatment is usually 4 weeks but can be shortened or prolonged according to your condition. Enstilar is used on the skin only on the areas affected by psoriasis. There are several ways to apply Enstilar depending on if you are applying to the body or to the scalp.

Before applying Enstilar foam on the body, shake the can for a few seconds. Apply Enstilar foam holding the can vertically more than 1 inch from the skin and spray directly to the affected area. After applying the foam, rub in into the skin, then push the cap back on and wash your hands well after use.

Before applying Enstilar foam on the scalp, first comb your hair and shake the can for a few seconds. Spray Enstilar foam into the palm of your hand holding the can more than 1 inch away. Scoop up the foam with a finger and apply to the affected areas. Rub Enstilar foam gently into the scalp, then put the cap back on and wash your hands well when you are finished.

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