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Vraylar (Cariprazine)

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Brand Name : Vraylar (called Reagila in UK)

Marketing Authorization Holder : Recordati Pharmaceuticals

Prescription Required

No Generic Medicine available for this medicine.

Product Details

Vraylar goes by the trade name Reagila in the United Kingdom under the license of Recordati Pharmaceuticals.

Prescription Vraylar is used by adults in the treatment of bipolar depression and short term treatment of manic and mixed episodes associated with bipolar I disorder. An important part of treatment along with Vraylar is having a good support group around you, which includes talk therapy and monitoring symptoms throughout treatment.  Although, patients with bipolar disorder, often have symptoms develop early in their life they can also get it later in life and often struggle with the disorder through their lifetime.

Although the exact mechanism by which Vraylar works is unkown, it works on seretonin and dopamine levels to moderate moods (ups and downs) associated with bipolar I disorder. Vraylar improves over symptoms (depression and mania), treats episodes called mixed episodes, and reduces condition severity overall.

Vraylar starts working gradually and differently for every patient. Talk to your physician about Vraylar treatment and keep a record or diary to share with your doctor and support team.  Take Vraylar once per day, without regards to food (with or without food).

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