Medicines not covered by insurance

12 Jul, 2020

There are many medicines that are typically not covered by your insurance plan. This may be the best time to consider purchasing that medicine from a safe, accredited online pharmacy in the US or abroad.

The most common reason given for not covering a drug is due to the fact that the medicine is not on "the formulary". This simply means that the insurance company has selected certain medicine based on differing criteria: maybe its too expensive, maybe it is new, maybe it is "non-essential" or not being used for a condition approved by the insurer.

You may be able to appeal for coverage, but the following medicines are typically not covered:


InsulinHub offers a life-line to many who are paying out of pocket for their medicine.  Savings generally exceed 55% over US drug prices. We require a prescription from your doctor but yes we can even ship medicines that require refrigeration including all forms of fertility medicines and even cancer treatments.

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